Cassandra Choplick brings a passion for sustainability, a humbled love for the perfectly plucked ripe berry, a drive to bring the most pure food to the hands of our children and our own bodies through the nostalgic form of the ice pop.

Cassandra Choplick launched Get Sticky in the Summer of 2018. Get Sticky could be found in summer pop-ups and events around the Mid-coast of Maine. Working hard to establish and grow relationships with our community, farmers, and small business owners, Cassie is excited to highlight these relationships in her product.

Get Sticky is a small batch, seasonal, Ice Pop maker, individually owned and operated by Cassandra Choplick. Sticky is a mobile vender, with a classic vending trike, having just completed their first season in the fall of 2018. Get Sticky participated in two farmers markets, as well as community & farm events. Get Sticky sources directly from small, local farms in our state, with a preference in using seconds fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, maple, & honey, as well as local yogurt & whey.

Get Sticky is inspired by the future, a future in being an example of what it means for producers to know their farmer, to share that with their consumer, so that they in turn also develop that relationship with their farmer and community.

Get Sticky highlights the local farms and farmers they source from, & the simplicity of food, all in the approachability of an Ice Pop.